Hawkhurst Community Fridge

The Hawkhurst Community Fridge operates under the umbrella of the Hawkhurst Community Trust 2018. It was opened in June 2020, under its founder Ellen Neville, at that time one of our Trustees, and since then has made an amazing contribution to the wellbeing of the village.

The motto of the Fridge can be summed up as “A simple solution to wasting less through the sharing of good quality food to benefit the people of Hawkhurst”.

All the food is freely available to anyone in the community. This is a sharing project with the objectives of reducing food waste and CO₂ emissions while including residents and stores to take part in sharing and caring for one another.

The Fridge is run by a team of volunteers who are Food Safety Level 2 trained and ensure that food is fit for human consumption. Each day the volunteers open the Fridge and weigh in and out the food that would otherwise go to waste.

This chart shows the figures for each month since the Fridge opened.

The redistribution figures are increasing and this is all thanks to the Fridge volunteers who collect from local stores, farm shops and organisations. The Fridge partners to date are:

  • Park Farm Butchers
  • Co-Op in Cranbrook
  • Waitrose
  • Tesco
  • Kings Church Food Bank
  • Ringden Farm
  • Sandhurst Farm Shop
  • Rolvenden Village Stores
  • Northiam Primary School Farm
  • Reed Wood Farm
  • Standen Fruit Farm Orchard
  • Stevens Farm
  • Hinxden Dairy
  • Eggs to Apples
  • Wealden Smokery
  • Hawkhurst Bread Shed
  • Cranbrook Bakery
  • Kino Cinema, Hawkhurst
  • Nourish Food Bank

The Fridge also receives a steady flow of contributors from households and allotments.

To find out more about the Community Fridge, and to see how you can help, take a look at the Hawkhurst Community Fridge website or you can email them on hawkhurstcommunityfridge@gmail.com

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