The Trust

The Hawkhurst Community Trust 2018 was established as an independent charity to improve community facilities in the area for all local residents.

The major project that HCT 2018 is involved with is the new community and sports centre for Hawkhurst. Working in partnership with Hawkhurst Parish Council, HCT 2018 is building a solid business plan for the new facility. HCT 2018 is also engaging with residents through workshops, events and individual meetings to ensure that the new community hub reflects and meets the various needs of a growing community. Findings from work carried out by HCT 2018 feed into the design brief to influence the shape of the new building and its infrastructure. Once the Hawkhurst community and sports centre project is completed HCT 2018 will be in charge of its day-to-day operation.

The HCT 2018 team comprises 10 Trustees drawn from the local community. They are all unpaid volunteers with diverse backgrounds and skills who are united in their desire to improve living and recreational conditions in Hawkhurst.

If you are interested in getting involved in the work of the Trust or becoming a part of the growing “Friends of the Trust” group, please contact us through this link.

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